Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yeah its cool, I'm still hating though...

So Kobe (The Black Mamba) just grabbed the finals MVP award.
His team pulled in their first championship in the post Diesel (Shaq) era.
And Phil Jackson just got championship #10.
Can't feel my excitement?
Here's why;
Even though a few games were close. The games were never actually that close. After dismantling the magic in game 1 the at times lackadaisical Lakers still looked able to take the title without trying really just because of one man. Not Phil Jackson, the luckiest coach ever.... (Seriously I wonder if the triangle offense is anything other than the Phil Jacksons secret code to his staff and players to give Kobe the damn ball...... I wonder if he has called a play since Shaq departed L.A.X. and I Could swear Phil fell asleep during the 1st and 2nd qtrs in game 4......Hey all I remember is Kobe with the dry erase board giving orders.... He probably sent Phil to the concession stand for a beer and some nachos....) to get back to the point. Kobe is the reason they won the series. Well Kobe and his well timed elbow/ several missed free throws from Superman (Dwight Howard)....and a blown layup by a rookie...maybe. The problem that caused the lackluster finals series could have been the poor playoff structure which allowed subpar teams from the east in. Would Cleveland vs. LA have been more exciting? Perhaps Cleveland looked like gods when compared to the high-school teams they pulverized in the first couple rounds. Maybe the east needed disgraced ref Tim Donaghy to give them a betting chance. In conclusion the finals series was boring and difficult to watch due to a series of missed calls, scoring droughts, and Kobe. Not that I didn't want to see Kobe win... It’s just that he's a smug, egotistical, privileged crybaby. Had the Magic granted me a one day contract I would have earned "The Kobe Stopper" moniker by clothes lining him at half court. To keep it real I kept watching to see if Rafer Alston (Skip to my Lou) would slap Kobe in the back of the head... hey maybe next year.


  1. Mrs. Bryant gets the jewels every time he doesn't "play well with others."

  2. Very true…. With that in mind I’m surprised the Orlando Magic didn’t capitalize on this. In addition to prank calling Kobe and ordering pizza’s to be sent to his hotel they (with the help of Mrs. Bryant) should have sent 20—30 strippers to his room. End result Kobe would have been distracted and paranoid, Mrs. Bryant would have gotten more jewelry, and the Orlando magic would have won the championship. A win/win situation…

  3. Well, I see there is no Laker love here. The Lakers won because of Kobe, Phil doing their jobs. The triangle offense is the best! The Lakers did'nt fold under the pressure of the games like the Magic.The Lakers are the better team!!! Lamar, Trevor, Gasol. Come on!! You know its a game of matchups.Lakers matched up well with the Magic.Just like the Magic against the Cavs.... I mean the Lebron's!!!The elbow was to let Nelson know he was too close. See ya,

    Eastcoast Laker fan for life!!!

  4. Well Said, kudos to the staff here at the, I really enjoyed the piece about phil jackson going off to get beer and nachos and the kobe drama.. you see the league is full of crybaby's and cheaters, this is not the same game from the 80's and before with respectable role players and maybe a star on the team, you see if you lost you didn't dismantle the team, you let the team develope some sort of chemistry and that was pretty fair when it came to the sport because MEN played the game not these hip hop tainted, commercenalized money grubers. Now it's crazy, you pay high profile crybabys that can't man up and hoop and cry about needing this star and that star in order to win. First off, if your in the NBA you are a professional Basket Ball player certainly this has been forgotten, The MEN that played this game back in the day played with whoever, were payed bare minimum and were subjected to more physical punishment with only realistic fouls bieng called none of that brushing up or slap on the wrist hog wash petty fouls they have today. If u don't believe nothing I said just look at today's news with Lebron James and the Cavs acquiring Shaq and pursuing Ron Artest and Trevor Arizia?? WTF.. There going after 3 huge stars and they made it all the way to like the Damn finals with the team they got it's a F'King shame year after year the good and rich teams continue to upgrade and upgrade and steal superstars from a team they may have great chemistry with for thier own selfish reasons, and to appease the need of another crybaby superstar there over paying in the first place. This tatic kills career's, how can anyone be a fan to a team of no loyalty?? U can't have a favorite team cause you'll never kno who's going to play for the damn team when the season roles around, the rich teams get richer and maintains a roster of star power, and the poor teams acomadate it's fans with community service, auto graph signing events, free tickets, valet parking, and plenty of leg room at it's games.