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The throat sighs!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Seattle Seahawks: What They Have to Do to Keep the Dream Alive!

This Sunday the Seattle Seahawks face the Chicago Bears in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

As ultimate underdogs, the Seahawks entered the playoffs with an abysmal record.

In last week's Wild Card, game Seattle was tested and came out victorious over the reigning Super Bowl Champion's, the New Orleans Saints.

The team everyone counted out during the season made NFL history and is looking to follow up it's performance. To stay alive, the Seahawks will need to focus on a few key things to achieve success.

Beast Mode
The Seahawks have averaged fewer than 150 rushing yards over the last two games.

During the game against the Saints, Mr. Beast Mode, broke off one of the most spectacular rushing performances in the history of the NFL. The Seahawks will need to see more of this Sunday

Pressure Cutler
During the last game in week six, the Seahawks were able to put tremendous pressure on Bears QB Jay Cutler.

Cutler went down six times throughout the game. Only by applying pressure and disrupting the Bears game plan can the Seahawks secure another win.

Forget The Road Record
The Seahawks won only two out of six road games during the season.

To be successful Sunday, the Hawks need to forget all about this.

A sudden case of team-wide selective amnesia is needed. The only thing Seattle must remember during week six is that they can beat the Bears on the road.

Smash the pass
Seattle struggled this season against the pass.

Teams have averaged a little less than 250 passing yards per game on the Seahawks. This is another reason why it's so important to pressure Cutler.

More pressure will turn into turnovers or incompletions and either of the two will prevent the Bears from reaching the 250 yard mark.

Air Hasselback
During the last game Hasselback threw for 272 yards and four touchdowns.

The Seahawks need a repeat performance.

Anything less than an equal or better performance will most likely lead to a Seahawk loss

Cook Peppers and Stop Forte
The Seahawks must be ready for a very aggressive pass rush.

Peppers is primed to be in top form, so stopping him will definitely be a focal point.

Matt Forte who had 1,616 combined yards during the season is a double threat who will have to be addressed

Answer the call
Pete Carroll made news by answering his cell phone during a press conference.

That was a good move to shout out a high school friend on a national stage, but this is not the call that is needed.

Coach Carroll needs to answer the call of coaching, and conduct a masterful game this Sunday.

Playlist For Cam Newton

Imagine this it is the eve of the game that will summarize your college career.

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind of controversy and spectacular football. A victory here would validate that you are worth the hype wile a loss would prove to be more fuel for the critics.

Everyone is calling you to communicate his or her hopes for your success tonight. The football pundits are all over TV weighing in on all aspects of the up coming game. You are nervous and anxious and seek calm to prepare for the nights events.

Naturally you reach for your iPod to bring you some ease and comfort.

This is my best guess of what is on Newtons iPod.

Victory (Featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes)
In one line of the song the Notorious B.I.G exclaimed, "Excellence is my presence, never hesitant".

If Newton can produce a similar performance the result will be electrifying. In another line in the song The Notorious B.I.G. continues his over the top flow by saying "I perform like Mike Anyone -- Tyson, Jordan, Jackson" lets hope that if his performance mirrors that of those three it is circa 1988 instead of recent years.

Power Remix By Kanye West Featuring Jay-Z
In the remix to the song Power by Kanye West, Jay-Z rhymes "You gotta go through pain in order to become you/ But once the world numbs you/ You'll feel like it's only one you/ Man, you got the power to do anything you want to”.

If Cam went through a realization like this this year this would be the best time to display his newly acquired power

Victory By Jay-Z
In the song Victory Jay-Z rhymes “ Her name is defeat, she gives me agony/ So much agony, she brings me so much pain/ So much misery like missing your last shot and falling to your knees as the crowd screams/ For the other team, I practiced so hard for this moment Victory don't leave, I know what this means”.

The last thing anyone for that football organization would want is to experience the frustration expressed in these lyrics.

The lyrics from this DJ Khaled song could very well be the soundtrack to Newtons 2010 college football season.

The lyrics are " All I Do is win win win no matter what/ got money on mind i can never get enough/ and everytime I step up in the building/everybody hands go up/ and they stay there and they say yeah/ and they stay there/ Up down, up down/ cause all I do is win win win/ and if you goin’ in put your hands in the air.."

Miss Me By Drake Featuring Lil Wayne
The last song will probably sum up the feeling after the game.

With the lyrics “And life ain't a rehearsal, the camera is always rollin'” dictate how crucial every decision is whether it is on a pass or if it is a hand shake after the game. Every movement will be recorded and replayed under the watchful eye of the media.

If Drake isn’t singing it Cam Newton may very well may be singing the chorus which is “I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone Yea I hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone”.

Regardless of the outcome this is his final game and will be the final part of this chapter

League Wide Ban Is Coming To the NBA!

In light of recent events, it is not so farfetched to imagine a league wide ban on recreational games and gambling. With a league full of highly competitive individuals with gross amounts of disposable income, arguments and physical confrontations can be expected leading to but not excluding the occasional weapons brandishing or pistol whipping. To put an end to this tarnishing trend I believe the NBA will institute a league wide ban on recreational games starting with the most volatile.


Lebron James and Dwayne wade have already proved to be perceptive businessmen. Their respective contracts with the heat are valued at well over 100 million, and their endorsements are respectively within the multi-million dollar realm. This affirms that they have a keen interest for business and lots of disposable income.

The biggest opponent for the heat is not another team or another loosing slump, but the game Monopoly. That is right the board game. Picture this on a team flight back to the east coast fresh off a west coast swing Lebron and Dwayne settle in for a friendly game of Monopoly. Using all the passion and vigor, they display during their NBA games the two face off using real money. Before you know it after a brief jail stint Bosh is out of the game, Chalmers suffers a similar fate after landing on Lebrons boardwalk hotel leaving only James and a Wade. Things turn volatile when Lebron lands on Illinois ave owned by Wade but exits without paying. A scuffle ensues causing tremendous damage to the team chemistry.

Ron Artest is one of the few special individuals in the league who can get into a fight with himself. Picture this after arriving to the staples center early the seasoned professional looks to kill time before being taped for the upcoming game. Unlike years past when Ron would go to the Liquor store Ron decides to play it safe and play a simple card game. The details are not clear but when trainers found Artest, he was actively fighting a mirror, or at least the parts that did not shatter. Maybe he heckled his self or maybe he caught himself cheating, unfortunately no one will ever know.

Demarcus cousins is an extremely talented and emotional player. He has already within his first year gained the reputation of being an immature player. Many veteran and hall of fame players have offered their advice. It seems like for every two steps forward there is one-step back.

On the court, any play can turn into an explosion of epic proportions. I am betting the same is true off the court. Case in point the potential events that are likely to happen while playing a game of memory with kids in a Sacramento area school during a NBA cares event. After being bested by 10-year-old William Johnson, Cousins demands a rematch in which he taunts the 10 year old. He even uses his go to taunt of choking. The event comes to a messy end with the 10 year old crying and school security walking pouting Cousins out of the building.

Settlers of Catan
n born players are not the only members of the NBA community to be effected. After settling in on a friendly game of Settlers of Catan, all hell breaks out between Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Imagine this after getting 10 victory points to secure his victory in the game Parker mutters the words “Qu'est-ce qu'un loser” under his breath. Understanding French Ginobili teams up with former teammate and announcer Brett Barry to get some much-deserved payback. When the smoke clears Parker is left unconscious with a 50 pound dumb bell on his crotch (a special parting gift from Berry)

Kobe and Shaq have had a war of words since splitting up after the 2003-04 season. Nothing seemed to be off-limits from The MVP award to affairs. Within the past two years it seems as if the two have reconciled (well about as much as they are ever going to). Picture this during one of Shaq’s legendary All Star Parties the two find themselves in an intense game of War with millions at stake. The two verbally jab at each other while keeping friendly outward appearances. All of these changes during the last hand in which Shaq’s final card wins the hand. To celebrate Shaq grabs the microphone and Insults Kobe in Freestyle Rap Song entitled "Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes part 2”

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 things the NBA needs to regain its former status.

5 things the NBA needs to regain its former status.

The 80s and the 90s spoiled NBA fans, we had a collection of the greatest teams squaring off every year captivating millions in the process. During this time there were many elite players through the league,and there were some teams that preformed at a lower level but not as many as today.

Here are the 5 things that I think could put the NBA on top.

§ Fewer teams
§ More players who complete 2 years or more at the college level
§ All star weekend
§ Natl coverage
§ Fewer games during the season

Fewer Teams
Since the 88-89 season there has been by my count 7 teams added to the league, the teams include The Bobcats, The Magic, The Griz, The Raptors, The Heat, The Hornets, and The T-wolves. Out of these teams only The Heat were able to win a championship. Shots out to The Magic for getting to the promise land twice, but close but no cigar. Keeping it real if I failed at my job for 20 years, I would have gotten fired 19 times at least or at least a demotion. The NBA equivalent would be The Grizzlies relocating to the CBA alongside the Albany Patroons. This is nearly 20 years and some of those teams haven’t come close. By adding these additional teams and at least 84 more players to the league the leagues talent pool has become diluted. Which isnt a problem if So if you add it up more elite players on fewer teams means more exciting games, and less lop sided blowout victories.

More players who complete 2 years or more at the college level
Many of the younger players in the league are still learning basketball in general. Now this process can be as fun as sitting in on Mrs.Arthur's 3rd grade class of 6 foot something divas (actually . A product of 3 or 4 years in college system learning the in's and outs of the game will make for more polished players. With more highly skilled rookies the rookie of the year race, and the all-star rookie games would all be more exciting, not to mention the impact this would have on college basketball.

All-Star weekend

All star weekend is largely the all star game on Sunday. The dunk contest on Saturday night shows up every now and then but it has been largely m.i.a. since the late 80s the dunk contest is hit and miss most years and most years the leagues most captivating dunkers are in the audience or on vacation instead of on the court. Once again I"ll sum this up with one name J.R. Writer. Some years its Michael Jordan, but most years its J.R. Writer, or Harold Minor. The NBA should make the dunk contest voting 100% fan based. Also the the only way of getting out should be injury. By doing this the fans would be more Than less guaranteed to a show.

§ National coverage

The NBA is only nationally televised on public TV on one channel ABC. Cable and satellite broadcasts of ESPN and TNT offer coverage to those able to pay but the national public coverage still pales in comparison to NFL coverage which on any given Sunday has all three major public networks playing games. this is not much of a issue to the millions of current NBA fans but when trying to attract new viewers I'm thinking the more visible your brand is the better.

Fewer games during the season

2 games fewer per month for a total of 12 fewer games a year. This would help to create more of a sense of urgency, games can be more evenly scheduled, players can be more rejuvenated,and the overall this can help extend the careers of players as they get further in their career. Think of it this way if Lebron played 12 fewer games a season by now he would have had a total of 84 games off that works out to a little over a season now imagine how Shaq and other players in the latter stages of their career would benefit,and once again think of what a good product this would produce.

By making these changes NBA basketball can become the #1 sport in the USA and pickup ground on soccer internationally, or at least i think so.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yeah its cool, I'm still hating though...

So Kobe (The Black Mamba) just grabbed the finals MVP award.
His team pulled in their first championship in the post Diesel (Shaq) era.
And Phil Jackson just got championship #10.
Can't feel my excitement?
Here's why;
Even though a few games were close. The games were never actually that close. After dismantling the magic in game 1 the at times lackadaisical Lakers still looked able to take the title without trying really just because of one man. Not Phil Jackson, the luckiest coach ever.... (Seriously I wonder if the triangle offense is anything other than the Phil Jacksons secret code to his staff and players to give Kobe the damn ball...... I wonder if he has called a play since Shaq departed L.A.X. and I Could swear Phil fell asleep during the 1st and 2nd qtrs in game 4......Hey all I remember is Kobe with the dry erase board giving orders.... He probably sent Phil to the concession stand for a beer and some nachos....) to get back to the point. Kobe is the reason they won the series. Well Kobe and his well timed elbow/ several missed free throws from Superman (Dwight Howard)....and a blown layup by a rookie...maybe. The problem that caused the lackluster finals series could have been the poor playoff structure which allowed subpar teams from the east in. Would Cleveland vs. LA have been more exciting? Perhaps Cleveland looked like gods when compared to the high-school teams they pulverized in the first couple rounds. Maybe the east needed disgraced ref Tim Donaghy to give them a betting chance. In conclusion the finals series was boring and difficult to watch due to a series of missed calls, scoring droughts, and Kobe. Not that I didn't want to see Kobe win... It’s just that he's a smug, egotistical, privileged crybaby. Had the Magic granted me a one day contract I would have earned "The Kobe Stopper" moniker by clothes lining him at half court. To keep it real I kept watching to see if Rafer Alston (Skip to my Lou) would slap Kobe in the back of the head... hey maybe next year.